Marketing Data, Strategy & Campaign Solutions for the Gaming Industry


Our Goal

To help you acquire and nurture new customers through a more sustainable strategic framework that leverages online marketing tools and social dynamics.

  1. Accelerate new customer adoption, while lowering acquisition costs

  2. Identify and market to “bundled” interest groups and build distinctive marketing and customer service experiences. Build loyalty by leveraging network effects.

  3. Reach prospective fans at their desktop, mobile devices and social platforms to enhance current marketing efforts.

Marketing Assets

Our Data Foundation Includes:

  1. Over 11 million opt-in email records of consumers in the U.S with a non-modeled, behavioral trigger indicating interest in gambling.

  2. 63 million DELIVERABLE consumer opt-in email records with full demographic, behavior trigger and interest group profiles.

  3. Over 50 million unique IP addresses associated with those opt-in consumers for the purpose of identity tracking and ad serving.

  4. Over 5 million decision maker contacts with email at businesses.

Our Platforms

  1. Data modeling and an analytics tools.

  2. Turn-key proprietary email and sms campaign management platform enabling sophisticated rules based marketing and reporting.

  3. Sophisticated social media publishing, information capture and reporting tools.

Our Expertise

Our management team has over 15 years of solutions provision in the gaming industry and over thirty years providing custom marketing solutions and campaigns to Fortune-500 clientele

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